Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hi! I just can't wait for summer vacation. :D We're taking a plane flight to Disneyland in several weeks, so that ought to be a fun way to start off!

Today's new item is another sprinkler: the Waterfall Sprinkler!

I dare say it looks like a water-clogged sewing machine that had a leak. 030

Whenever I go into shops I sometimes see this gizmo:

This is the Recycle-o-Matic machine! Click it, and you have the option recycle your items.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could have it as a den item? I mean, it's got all of the epic Jamaasian detail to it!

Also, there's a mystery behind this amazing feature:

Why is it here?
What's it made of?
Who created it?

We're unfortunately close to nowhere on finding the answers.

Well, before we can do any of that, we need to keep in mind that our real world is in grave danger. People are littering all the time-on the streets, in the park, and on the beach! Eventually that garbage gets swept up into the oceans, making the blue seas brown and polluted. 

If you are a Whipper....

You are against littering and hope to recycle whenever possible. ^_^

That's the Whip! Remember that the winners of the contest will be posted today! At the latest, tomorrow night!


  1. I love the new layout!
    And I also saw the Waterfall Sprinkler on someone's trade list before it came out! I bet they got it in the Eagle adventure. :3 I like how it moves.

  2. Graham made it. Just like everything else apparently. O3O

  3. I bet all the Whippers recycle! I have no right to throw garbage everywhere I want - that's just wrong, isn't it? ;-D

    I once told a little boy in my school who litters to stop littering - apparently, he was somehow afraid of me, and stopped littering! Oh, yeah, am I really that scary? o.0


    1. Maybe he was afraid you were going to get him in trouble or soemthing... littering can get you in trouble with the police- you'd have to pick up trash off the side of the road. o3o That wouldn't be fun. o3o On an unrelated note, I wish they'd make the Art Studio music den music! It's just so beautiful, and soft and serene....


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