Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sprinkler of Snow

*The winners have been posted on the Contest Blog!)

For some odd and particular reason, I'm beginning to grow out of my tired and sleepy morning stage. Now I'm waking up 10 minutes earlier than I usually do. O.O

Today's new item, obviously a sprinkler, is the lawn sprinkler!

I bet every blog has a different picture of this item, because they just can't hold still!

I like to run through sprinklers in the summer. :)

I love the summer. Love it! LOVE IT! I'm not sure WHY, I just DO! XD

What things about the summer do you enjoy? How about things you don't like?

Well, I can sure say that Mira likes the summer, but not while being covered in snow.

Creepersofthenethter gave me his Ice Bird Statue. That was very kind of him. ^.^

Fuzzy was give Mira her respects when suddenly a lightbulb clicked on her head!

What if Animal Jam created Mira statues for all of the seasons? Sort of like the Nature Archways, but in the form of seasons.

We already have winter, so spring could be covered in flowers or clovers.

Summer could be the normal Mira we see now (unless you guys can think of anything else).

And autumn could be covered in gorgeous leaves of red, yellow and orange.

Wouldn't that be beautiful? c:

Also, make sure they are Non-Member items... but I highly doubt that will ever happen. :,(

I guess that's all for today!

Goodbye! All hail Mira. :p


  1. Yayyy you said meh name correctly, usually people saying creepersofthenether not creepersofthenethTer

  2. I like that Icy Mira o.0! Seems so... magical :p!

    And that small sprinkler should be AT LEAST non-member. Please, Animal Jam HQ? Oh, well.


  3. I wonder why AJHQ calledthe statue Ice Bird Statue instead of Ice Mira Statue! It just doesn't seem right, because it's obviously Mira! Good grief AJHQ, it looks like you kinda let your thought on that slip away. Hopefully AJHQ will fix that, it was probably a mistake.. I hope.

  4. I want the Mira statue so bad! It's beautiful!

  5. In the party contest at the AJ Sky, I entered a contests where you could buy Seasonal Mira Statues.

  6. very pretty thing youve got there nafi!
    and i agree with fuzzy

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