Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pillboxes of Europe

Hi! This early morning, I was peeking out my window when suddenly my whiteboard collapsed on me. It freaked me out. O_O

Hey, have you ever had a giant whiteboard fall on you? Yikes!

Today's new item is the Pillbox Hat, as seen in the Forgotten Desert.

I was pretty confused at first when I saw this item on someone's trade list. I was like, "What in Jamaa is that!?"

Apparently they were a popular trend in the Middle Ages. They remind me of some European country, but it's at the tip of my tongue!

Pillbox hats come in all designs, with lace, fur, sequins, ribbons, feathers, bows, etc.

They also come in lots of neat patterns.

They're basically French (I think that was the country) beanies. :3

Anyway, they're fun hats for women to wear!

Unfortunately, I don't believe that all people in Jamaa look up the meaning of items. So, you might pass by some men wearing it. XD

Besides, the AJ version of the Pillbox Hat doesn't even look like that black fancy one.

Lately I've been teaming up with a few buddies and trying to figure out how to stop Dreamia and the rest of the hackers.

Balaur, one of the experts on the team, says we should spread the word.
Wolfiepaws says we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves by making rants and protests in Jamaa Township.
Pinky says, FLUFFY!
Penguin says.... well, he wants to keep it to himself.
Repti just knows a lot about Dreamia!

Including Creepers (who wasn't on at the time), we're a sturdy band.

Well, that's all for today!



  1. Replies
    1. XD you got that right pinky! i was jsut all like, im da white phantom! fear my fluffy! fear it! so basically pinky, you and i were the random people

  2. XD and he knows a lot about dreamia


  4. Lol. I hope I see a boy wearing it, just so I can break the news XD.
    ~kittens1111 =^. .^=

  5. If a boy wears that Pillbox Hat, I'd run to my den and get confused :p!

    And about Dreamia... I just heard about him/her right now... hmm?


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. XD I am the author of that comment so I can remove it. >:)

  7. XD Pink says, FLUFFY! XDDD

  8. if you ever go on wattpad, i am _lightningprincess_


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