Thursday, May 29, 2014

Giggling for Hyenas

Hey Jammers!

Today is update day, the usual Thursday that everyone looks forward to! But this week, hyenas have arrived! (Pictures from Animal Jam Sky Blog.)

The hyenas are so cute and funny! Unfortunately, we have terrible news....

They're in the Diamond Shop, for 10 diamonds, and Member-only. 

For now, I have Happy Kookyhyena to keep me company while I drown in my sorrows for Non-Members.

In addition, the chat text has been modified. It looks more bold than before. Which do you prefer?
Speaking of chat, there's a new glitch with the chat log I'll have to show you tomorrow.

Ooh! Cool sale! AJ Jump is only 99 cents for a limited time. Get it while you can!

The Summer Carnival is back! I checked it out this morning, and it appears to me like nothing is new. I may be wrong! See for yourself and have a blast. :3

Be sure to visit the Cruise Ship party for a nice, relaxing trip across the sea. ^.^

And, if you can, stop by Bahari Bargains and pick up some underwater trends while they're 50% off!

Here we just have a few quick notifications about the Den Portals. You can no longer purchase them in the Temple of Zios. You must buy them from Jam Mart Furniture and the Mystery Emporium. Don't forget the underwater portals, sold in Sunken Treasures.

Thankfully, to make up for the hyenas, AJHQ placed a cheap, 1-diamond Den Portal in the Diamond Shop for NMs!

But, sadly, no hyenas for everyone just isn't the same. :(

The Phoenix Armor set is going to leave the Diamond Shop, and a new set of armor will come in. I wonder what it will be?

Also, a bunch of new Jam-A-Grams have been added!

This is just one of them that I sent to a Jammer named Cuteseal. ^-^

Experimenting with mail is so much fun.

Well, that's the Whip for today!


  1. They changed the capitalized letter "y" to an italic-looking one, which sorta annoys me, since I can't do the :Y face anymore Dx
    Also, in the Forgotten Desert, there this super duper hyper extremely wafficious glitch that freezes AJ once you open ANY treasure for like a minute. Litterally.
    Ergh /)_-


  2. I had to get the hyena on my member alt because my membership expires in 15 days and I have only one diamond on my main account. :(

  3. it is spirit armor and if im right i hate the diamond shop it sucks like eggs >:(>

  4. To tell the truth, the hyenas look hideous. And I think you'll be seeing a lot of hyenas in Jamaa for a couple of days, like when the raccoon came out. Tons of raccoons O.O. Now u barely never, if ever, see raccoons. Anyways, I wone be buying a hyena anytime soon.

  5. I was verynexcited for the hyenas! But as usual, they are at he Diamond Shop for ten diamonds, member-only (again).

    But, at least non-members can finally have their Den Portals, aye? I'm going to purchase mine, now! I have five diamonds (two from my membership *I used a code* and three from the daily spin).

    Yippee! The Summah Carnival is heeeeyyyaaa!

    And I never knew the chat is new o.0!

  6. lol
    It is so obvious. Its spritit armor!

    Look at the head of the wolf, it is very obviously a spirit helmet!

    and also, i still cant get on..


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