Monday, May 12, 2014

Invitation and More

I made the invite today. I decided to host the party with a springy feeling: bright flowers, sun, and butterflies. :3 Yeah, sorry for the sort of girly theme, but it's spring, right? Spring is beautiful.... like polar bears and chocolate milk.

Before I go for the night I wanted to say that I met someone today-the very kind Balaur. (= I also met Fall17. They are both viewers of the Animal Jam Whip! Thanks for viewing! 

Balaur told me that a dude named Urbanplanet is the one behind this unreleased items scheme. She believes Urbanplanet is using computer programming to take items from Animal Jam and create them into new images, namely unreleased colors. That's VERY illegal, and it's hacking into Animal Jam's system.

When lolkingcentury1 was around, he was the deadliest of all hackers. Why? Because AJ was newer-the trading process was born near that time, and there weren't as much of a demand for rares as there is now. 

As technology grows, the world grows. When the world grows, society grows, therefore bestowing the term "Animal Jam" into the society. People are turning AJ into the world we know now, while Animal Jam is supposed to be a place unlike Earth's business plans and all that rubbish.

Anyway, I'm hearing different opinions on this odd problem, including:

  • Someone is making these items using computer software.
  • AJHQ is handing out these items to the people who were hacked.
  • A glitch in Best Dressed caused people to GET these items, because Best Dressed has these unreleased clothes in the game.
I'm sure there are plenty of gazillions of more theories, but for now, I'm not buying any. I still have no clue whatsoever on this project, and no matter how much I am into knowing AJ's outside news, I won't ever be the top all-knowing Jammer.

None of us are perfect. We can't always be correct.

What do you think about this?

Get this-let's stop talking hackers. Let's start talking ALPHAS!

On the DE's new layout, I've noticed that on some of the posts the Alphas have signed them. I think that the Alphas are making a few of the posts on the DE now. Isn't that cool?

I've seen these so far:



I suppose that's all I saw.

Unfortunately for me the laptop is running out of power, so I better end today's fat post now.

Thank goodness whoever read all this stayed alive. :P



  1. "Ciao."
    That brings back memories. c:

  2. No offense, but... I don't think AJHQ was hacked.

    1. Actually they were, It was quite some time ago, they were shut down for a few days. I played during this time but I didn't know a thing about hackers. It was quite tragic, but once they fixed themselves they gave us gifts for being paitent. This is where the original phantom cages came from.

      Hope this helped! :)


    2. Don't forget lolkingcentury1... -Shudders-

    3. Yes..... Grand old Gosh darned j*** face i**** lolkingcentury1, I was not really playing back then. But my friend was and I saw him fairly often, He told me about him,

    4. LKC1 is freaky, his hacking was the worst Animal Jam has know and probably will know. His hacking ability was quite astonishing. Right, now taxe is nothing compared to LKC1.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh! This is my real comment:

      Hiya, Naffy Taffy! So, how are you? Congratulations on eight thousand views! I knew you'd make it!

      I hope I can attend the party! I will do my best to do so! :-D


      P.S., ever wondering about the new animal? For sure, it's a non-member! ;-) :-D :-)

    2. She got over EIGHTY THOUSAND views, not eight thousand x3


      I heard about lolkingcentury, and he managed to hack into AJ to get his animal's name... Not going to say it or otherwise comment will be deleted :I

  4. By the way, I am gonna test some of these theories... So if my scary horns turn green or white one day... You know why.....

    1. Best dressed is out, I tried for multiple hours, than I tried to fake being scammed but I had to go to bed before I was off hold >.<

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. i helped Balaur with some info oh and btw, nafaria UrbanPlanet IS XXFLAMINGFIRE~DewDropReptile

  6. Nadia, very few members do the hacking and best dressed, they are both hard. Also, best dressed no longer works. The reason most people have them is through tricking mods into giving them to them. And. I know best dressed is hard because I tried on a spate account. I got store bought items, don't be worried. It's SUPER hard.

    - rascalcat


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