Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beta Tiara-is MINE!

Today someone traded me their Beta Tiara! It was awesome because they offered me it without me knowing they'd actually want to trade it. They offered me it for my green tiara with a red gem, and I have no clue why, but I hid my questions and just happily pranced off! :)

(Her tiara)
(My old tiara)

ANOTHER item off my list. CHECK!

And I used the snip and/or paint tool. Now that I think about it, should I do a scan on these tiaras?

Maybe so.


5,000 Achievement!

Yay! 5,000 views! Thanks guys! :D Should I host a party or not?

Early Cats get the Bird

-yawns- H-hi, jammers. I'm up really early because of our garage sale this morning. I decided to sleep in 2 hours, because the normal wake-up time was 4:00 am. Yikes! Anyway, I figured out the new item for yesterday. More like items!


Why can't a Freedom Party be close to when I can attend!? Grr....what if Freedom Gloves are out? if anyone of you manages to get to the Freedom Party, here's how the whole Freedom Party-item issue will be solved:

1. You send or tell me the new item.
2. I post it with a picture (if I can get one, and if you want a picture it's probably good to send, although I wouldn't care much if nobody did) and credit to whoever found it out for me.

Does that sound good?

I got a mean letter today because I somehow ended up in Aldan. I wanted to get a spike collar or wristband for my friend Valdespar, and this girl named arthop sent me a letter saying, Are You Kidding!?

My response was, nope.

Her response: Wow...

I don't think she likes what I own. Eh, that's her problem, deal with it, lady!

I guess that's the Whip. Until then, keep Whipping, Jam on, and play AJ and Webkinz!