Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Furris Wheel

Hi, jammers. Today's new item is found in the Summer Carnival. It's a pet Ferris Wheel, but like Coaster Woof, I call it a Furris Wheel.

Yesterday I saw a jammer teasing another jammer because she didn't know if her purple worn was worth her yellow worn.

For one thing, both of the jammers were wrong. Daredevil, the bossy one seen in the picture, said the purple worn was a Monday Rare. No, it came out in the Leap Year Party last year. The nicer one said hers was from Beta Testing, which it wasn't, since AJ wasn't under testing when ANY party was out, including the Leap Year Party whom who knows will return.

Personally, I'm not a fan of worn blankets because to me they look like barf. I call them "Barf Blankets". Gross, huh?

But we're not done.

I think there's someone stalking me on AJ (haha, that's funny when I say it out loud).

I once was in Aldan and this guy asked me if he could offer for my Beta Hood. I said no thanks because I didn't want to trade my hood.

Then I saw him in the Diamond Shop. He asked me if he could offer again. I said no.

Then I saw him in Jamaa Township this morning.

I'm shaking my head. This all MUST be a coincidence, correct?

Maybe not?

I guess that's all.

Happy whipping!


  1. No one stalks My Best Friend!! If you have any trouble nafaria I'll hunt him down for you. >:D I got reinforcements!

    1. Thank you! If I see that guy again, I'm gonna have to admit there's something going on. And if there is, I'll need some help from my Best Friend too. Wish me luck >.<



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