Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Animal Jam Whip!

Hello, jammers! As you may know, today's the anniversary of AJW! Before we get all deep into that, the new item is ANOTHER Freedom Set item, the Freedom Panda Hat!



The Beginning
 It was late August 2011.
"Do you play Animal Jam?"
"Oh, great. Not that game where you click on the animals and then they play music. Benji plays that."
"I'll show you."
These were the first words spoken before I played Animal Jam. We walked over to the computer and squished into the wooden chair. "I'll pull a chair over," I said. So jessica37673 went to the Internet and typed in, "animal jam". "Wow!" I exclaimed as she logged herself in. The world of Jamaa was already awesome! "Here's the shops, over here's the big crowd of people who just stand there, here's the mob of people who are hopping on this bridge, etc." Although it was HER account, I began to rethink AJ. I went home and made an account straightaway.

The Last Few and the First Few
"Mom, Jessica showed me a fun computer game with animals. Can I join?"
The very first steps were easy, considering choosing an animal. I chose the seal animal. I meant to name her, Fauna Magiclily, but it came out as Fairy Magiclily. Not much did I care though.
Anyway, the next step was to make my username and password. At the beginning of the school year (2011-2012), I loved Nafaria, the evil, purple fairy that roams around Webkinz. Have you heard of her? You probably have if you play Webkinz. I typed in, "nafaria", and since I'd like to remember what age I was when I joined, I typed the number, "9". This is me now. nafaria9.
 I had made an account! Liza guided me through her tiny tour of Jamaa. She was in her old version back then. When it came to changing my color, my seal came out as a white seal with a white nose. Pink stars cover her soft-seal fur with chalky blue eyes.
 Once I was free to roam Jamaa, I made ANOTHER animal. It was a wolf named Sparkle Daringstone. She was originally light brown with lavender eyes, which is a style I often come back to. She is currently in her blue style, but she has had a red style as well.
I joined during the last few days of Beta Testing. Beta started in September 2010 and went until September 2011. Early September. Anyway,  yes, I DID join in Beta. It was the time Paw Print Vases (I love those dudes so much) and Basketballs were in stock. Spiked Collars and Wristbands were the Member Gift for that month. Until they Betas were removed.

"Here's my 36 dollars, mom."
It was early September and Beta had just ended. I loved AJ so much that I, well, wanted Membership! I knew everything I'd wanna do: Get a pet ducky, put in some Jammer Anthem music, and buy a Volcano den! The possibilities were ENDLESS! And my tag would be purple, because my favorite color is purple. 
"You're set!" YAY! Now I was a Member! My favorite game was also the Claw.
I was still a newbie at this game. But that was when I met Gwenandkat and DarkDragonGirl12 in the Art Room. They welcomed me to Jamaa and were very kind to teach me stuff about AJ. They were one of my earliest buddies. Back then, gloves were VERY RARE (and they were sold in early Beta!), and I asked them a few questions. Then, as a welcome gift, DarkDragonGirl12 sent me a purple glove! It was my first clothing piece, first item (other than the 1st b-day cake), and first rare item.

Blah blah blah, more time goes passed, one of my best friends, partyanimalzz, joined at my house and LOVED it, blah blah blah, and now we get here.

The Newspapers
I loved AJ so much I wrote my own Animal Jam Newspapers during the week and "published" them on Sundays. It was made up of 4 papers: The Main Page, The Monitor For AJ (a monitor for great times and bad times, scams, etc.), Clothing Categories for AJ, and Howls From Jammers (quotes and thoughts from real jammers and made-up jammers). I made so much that one day....

The Blog
"Why don't you make a blog?"
"Okay! Okay!"
Yep. The next day I made a blog! But I wanted the blog to be about Webkinz because I've kind of let that game that I have played since the age of 7. I was SO new to this! I didn't know how to add tabs or gadgets or anything. Only knew how to post.
I kind of QUIT blogging, but then I came to it. I renamed my blog the Animal Jam Whip, and today, it's its birthday! Celebrate with me:

Got Whip?
Then join the party!
what: An AJW 1st Birthday party/4,000 views party
Why: Because it's AJW's 1st Birthday!
Where: nafaria9's den on Aj in server Cantabrian
When: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm Mountain Time, wednesday, june 26
I hope you can come! 


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