Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2 NEW Contests!

I did a contest a while back, but nobody entered, so now I'm going to do ANOTHER contest! But not just one-two! Feel free to enter in the comments below. CONTESTS START TODAY!!

So what you're going to do is to comment your username along with
the name of this contest and how many plushies are in your collection. I'll check out your den to see your plushie collection,
but if it is locked it will not be counted. The winner will be chosen next Tuesday. Enter from now until next Monday. The winner will receive a Crystal Table if Member. If Non-Member, they will receive a Blue Tiger plushie.

In this contest, you will give your best answers to these questions:
1. When did Beta end?
2. What color were the price tags in stores during Beta?
3. How many floors did each den have?
4. What color was the Beta cursor?
5. What item was removed entirely from the game during Beta?
When you've figured out each answer, comment them below along with your username. You may use this blog and other sites. Ends next Monday and the winner will receive a Chili Pepper tree and the second place winner will receive a wreath necklace. 

Good luck!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I'm pupp1266 with a plushie collection. It is on my storage's account soccerdog100. I have way more, but the den got full XD
    -pupp1266 who doesn't wanna sign in


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