Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Animal Jam Tip #3-Liza's Makeovers

Hello jammers! I bet most of you remember when you met Liza, the panda shaman (or alpha, but I still call her shaman), when you first created an account. She gave you a tiny guide to Animal Jam, am I correct? You probably met her looking like this:

If you have, you must have created an account a year or two ago!

But if you joined this year, you've probably met her looking like this:

It's like she went to the hairdresser and got some pink makeup or something.

I like the old Liza better, personally. What do you think?

That's the tip of the day!


  1. The old Liza, looks more... Hmm.. Original? Kinda giving it that old cool feeling!

  2. Oh and another thing.. look at their eyes they've changed and same with their backs. Maybe the old liza broke her back so they had to get a new one! Lol Xd Or maybe she had plastic surgrey

    1. Yeah, the new one looks like she has pink eye. The new Liza also looks teenage....I dunno.

    2. It does! The old liza looks like an elderly person the new one id more young!

  3. I freaked out when I saw the new Liza! What did I do? I ran away to hide!:D :P

  4. i created my username this year and im a member! wat did i do when i saw that adventures were for members only? FEAK OUT\GET MAD!!


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