Thursday, June 6, 2013

Animal Jam Tip #5-What Released the Phantoms?

Hello! Today's tip goes way back in time, to the time when the myth of the creation of Jamaa was discovered. In the myth, Zios fell unexpectedly and mysteriously disappeared. Mira was sad, and her tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa, which created the phantoms.

But there's another gig. If you go to the Lost Temple of Zios, you'll see the pit Zios may have fallen into. Look around. Do you think that when he fell, he crashed onto this ancient building material, broke it, and released phantoms? Had the shamans trapped the phantoms and nobody ever knew it? Here's some proof to prove my theory:


These must be bricks that used to be a lock! Can you imagine it out? I can.

Maybe what Zios fell on was a brick cage whom nobody knew what lured under there!

What do you think of this? Do you follow the myth, or my theory?

Not even time can tell!

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