Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beta Tiara-is MINE!

Today someone traded me their Beta Tiara! It was awesome because they offered me it without me knowing they'd actually want to trade it. They offered me it for my green tiara with a red gem, and I have no clue why, but I hid my questions and just happily pranced off! :)

(Her tiara)
(My old tiara)

ANOTHER item off my list. CHECK!

And I used the snip and/or paint tool. Now that I think about it, should I do a scan on these tiaras?

Maybe so.



  1. nice job!!! what that girl's username? I want to trade her a beta for a non beta?-that clueless girl.well she is nice though i guess~~~

    1. She is very nice. Her username is op980. I saw her wearing it in Jamaa and so yeah. I don't know if she still has betas, but you can try.


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