Monday, July 1, 2013

Freedom Gloves-Finally!

Hello, jammers! It's also a whole new month, which means another recipe for Webkinz. Today's new item is sold in Epic Wonders for only TODAY. Guess what it is....!



Except, look when you put them on....

The colors are totally glitched and switched up! By the way, there's another new item, and it's a Ruby Birthstone for July. Neat, huh?

The new recipe will come tomorrow, and we possibly will have a 5,000 views party.

And there is a new code worth 500 gems! It's DRAWING.

Keep Whipping!


  1. Yeah i am sad i don't have that much gems. 1800. but i will get more. Glitched up. Like you said AJ has to fix glitches.-Skydrain7


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