Tuesday, July 23, 2013

News Crew

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a Tiny Shelf, sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

I want AJHQ to stop making these shelves. I think that's enough for now, AJ! Let's start with the new, cool item ideas that you used to have!

Also, Members receive their diamond today. I got 2 extra diamonds unexpectedly from the Daily Spin today, too! How cool. :)

The News Crew winners were chosen, and, of course, I didn't win. That's okay, I'll keep on writing! I love to write. The truth is, I was tested on my writing in a Persuasive Essay (a really hard type of essay, to persuade someone to do something). It was called DWA, and the highest average score for my school was in the twenties. The highest score was thirty, and I reached it! :D A perfect score! I was one of the few of 500 kids to reach it.

If you want to read my article, here it is, but after that, it's the end of today's main post!:

Ever since Animal Jam introduced Adventures, the whole of Jamaa has been buzzing about them! From rescuing bunnies to sealing the Phantom Portal, the possibilities are endless!
You can enter the Base Camp from the Temple of Zios or from your party list. Before you begin the excitement, you must train with Liza, the panda Alpha. She will guide you through some basic details about capturing phantoms and sneaking under the patches of grass. Once you've completed the Training Session, you can move on to experiencing more Adventures!
The very first Adventure any jammer may enter is the Bunny Burrow. In this realm, you will have several challenges, but the results are truly worth the courage! Plug the pipes, water plants, unlock gates and cages-the Adventure fever never stops getting hotter!
The next Adventure which is currently being tested by Members is the Phantom Portal. In this tough journey, you must find even more keys and plug more pipes than ever! The mythical forest you'll enter is full of surprises. Mazes can be fun, too!
Each Adventure has plenty of secrets. Treasure boxes can be found throughout each Adventure, giving you a special amount of gems. If you are lucky enough to have an arctic wolf in Bunny Burrow or a fox in Phantom Portal, you might acquire a den item!
Take a look around you! Grasses, sedges, stones and ledges! Adventures have begun! What is YOUR adventure?


  1. the 2nd 1 is so glitchy. I went in the place where you get the alpha stones then when you ride a slide the whole screen turns black and you roll down and up.-sky

  2. you go to school?! It is summer break here.-sky

  3. Oh, I did that too! My whole class had to take the perswasive writing thingy, and I got like a perfect score. So during the year I had to go to a special writing class for smartical people :P Now I am in an honors class for my new school.

    1. Nice, my teacher says i'm the best writer in the class!


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