Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Underwater Mickey Mice

Hi jammers! Today's newest item is an Underwater Flower, sold in Sunken Treasures!


Don't you think the flower looks like the Forbidden Rose in Beauty and the Beast, and the Sand Palace from Aladdin? I think AJHQ is coming out with a line of Underwater Disney accessories! What do you expect from these items?

Monday afternoon I got a new Webkinz! She's a white poodle, named Popcorn. I was rummaging through the shelves when this dog landed right in front of me. I think my sister dropped it on me or it was buried deep within the plushies. But, oh boy, that dog is CUTE! Here's a picture:

Well, happy Webkinzing, jamming, and Whipping!


  1. I love disney I hope they come out with horse items andstatues from the movie spirit-valdes

  2. hi popcorn your so cute!-cyacheer

    1. This is Popcorn talking:

      Thank you! My favorite color is blue and I love macaroni and cheese! I also love going on vacations and brushing my fur. I'm a bit clumsy too!

      Hehe. Isn't she cute? -wink wink-

    2. my black poodle bluestar says:hi! my owner never goes on webkinz anymore, but i wanted to say hi!

      she is the daughter of my ty beanie boo froststar(i think bluestar was the second daughter?)


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