Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

You know what day it is: The 4th of July! Of course, I live in America. Anyway, today I won't be playing much because it's the time to spend time with our families, remembering the time when our country was founded. Okay, if you live outside of the U.S., don't even bother to read this. But it IS Freedom Day for international jammers.

Anyway, today's new item is thankfully not in the Freedom Party! It's in the Summer Carnival, and they're Freedom Snakes!


Here's a little mystery item that's going around Jamaa:


Do you see the orange part she's wearing? It looks like a 4-pack of muscles to me. My other friend told me they were "abs", which I have no idea what they are. Here's the question: Where do people get these? They aren't in shops. Are these people testing the item? We can't be for sure. If you have any clues, tell me.

That's the whip!


  1. ok a friend told me this... they were givin to about 5 peeps back during beta testing. I doubt though anyone would have these from beta but I never know bout them.

    1. abs. I saw them at the carnival too. I searched on google and those are rarer than 3 basketballs.-skydrain7

  2. valdes - I haves abs to


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