Monday, July 22, 2013

A Glitched Commanding to be Discovered

Jammers of Jamaa-listen up! There's a new glitch in town-at least, I think so. Take a look at this player's profile card and see what's messed up:


I cut some of the profile off to make the glitch more noticeable-but no, of course I know you guys would figure it out either way.

This glitch is the name of this player. Her full name is Commander Canyonkangaroo, but the name only appears as "commander". Have any of you seen this before, or is it just my computer? No, it couldn't be my computer.

So..... anyway.....


  1. LOL this happened to my friend puppiyperson!! X3 ~puppiesluvpancakes

  2. Guys, I actually know what happened! The people choose the longest names for each thingy and it is too long for the thing so it goes down to another line, and we cannot see that next line, leaving only Commander. Its a new fad.

  3. my wolf is like that- valdes

  4. i saw it on an animal too!-cyacheer


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