Saturday, July 6, 2013

WhipMail from Skydrain7

I want to say thanks to skydrain7 for the WhipMail! I love my raccoon hat! :)


I love to get WhipMail, whether it's a gift or a letter!

Thanks again, skydrain! :)


  1. me valdes again skydrain is so nice huh he is my bud

  2. no problem-skydrain7

  3. did you know skydrain7 is my friend in real life and I gave him most of the rares when he user is wolves01012 even though you my friend valdes other people who want to check me out.

  4. But skydrain7 is not nice to me FYI

    1. I knew that skydrain7 is your friend. He told me. That was nice of you to give him some of your valued items.

      But he's not nice to you?! That is surprising. O-o How can he be not nice? He seems like a good person!

      ~nafaria9~ (who is a lazy, fat loser who is too lazy to sign in to her amazing Blogger account :P)

  5. i have no idea who is lazy fat loser who is lazy to sign to her amazing blogs I think me don't blame me how do you even do that o ya it's me wolves01012


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