Saturday, July 13, 2013

Golden Panther

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a golden ring, sold in Epic Wonders. It's so tiny! I'm not going to buy this. What will you do?


7,000 views already?! By the end of the month, the Whip will have over 10,000 views! Good going, guys! :D

By the way, thank you, snowflakesillymoon for asking the question about the Spirit Stones. I love to answer questions!

Now back to the item topic. I'd like them to maybe make a bronze ring, but I'd also enjoy a Pink Panther ring. Haha, we should all turn our tigers and snow leopards pink and wear the ring if it were possible it could come out. :3 It's just my thought!

Well, keep Whipping!

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  1. i used all my ems on a treehouse.-skydrain7:(

    1. Hey, the treehouse den is awesome! Speaking of sadness, rain is pouring where I am right now. What a coincidence!

    2. i am not done with it. Thanks for the music! It matches with my spooky old forest!-skydrain7


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