Saturday, July 27, 2013

Turquoise Necklace!

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a Turquoise Necklace, sold in Epic Wonders. It's pretty, and it seems it comes from a culture!

Here's a glitch I found out (these are snowyclaw's animals):

As you can see, all the animals take up clothes of another animal! It's really annoying me, and I think it might have to do with the Adventure Courage on animals in every land.

Also, some people have not been agreeing with the Scammers and Hackers tab. I can understand your opinion, but if you don't like this blog, don't read it! There are tons more blogs to read instead of this one. Some of my favorites are on the Other Jammers' Blog tab. For your information, I have witnessed almost every single one of those scammers and hackers that are on that list. I've seen Taxe, Solidblue02 (dens), and nearly all of the rest. The ones I HAVEN'T witnessed scam are on that list because I've heard from other honest blogs and people that they scam/hack. And by the way, I made a list so people knew who to look out for. I don't like my blog to be criticized, so if you don't like it, don't read it.

This is just a baby blog, anyway. And I can understand that one vote for my blog stinks-my blog needs work, maybe more gadgets, maybe more news. But I need thoughts on how to make this blog better than it the baby blog it is.

Anyway, enjoy the Whip if you don't hate it! 

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  1. ive seen dens. he is RARE but MEAN. I think your blog is great!-sky

    1. oh and 1 other thing. That glitch happened to you. All of your animals was wearing pirate hats.-sky

    2. wolves01012 said it happened to me.-sky

    3. It does to literally almost everyone. AJHQ, please fix this!

  2. that glitch happend to me today.- cyacheer


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