Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Odd Paws

Hey jammers! Today's new item is again the returning Skinny Paw Print Vase, like it's friend the regular Paw Print Vase.


Whoever made these vases have pretty odd-shaped paws, don't you think?

I've also updated a few tabs, so look around!

Side note: I've done this a million times, but I just want to thank Valdespar and zzmama1283 for sending me all this stuff! You guys are so sweet, but remember, you don't need to send me anything. :)

Also, you might have seen some people have 2013 fireworks in their dens, but the fireworks aren't in the Freedom Party or the den shop. Where are these fireworks? Comment if you know.

Here's the party invitation again (that's the whip):

Got Whip?
Then join the party!
what: 6,000 views party
Why: 6,000 Views!
Where: nafaria9's den on Aj in server Tigris
When: 3:30 pm-4:30 pm Mountain Time, Friday, July 10
I hope you can come!


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