Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Never Mess with a Mouse

Good morning jammers! Actually, that's not a very good greeting, since I know there are international players out there viewing this, so let's just say, hi, jammers! I told you I was not supposed to be posting today, and you can't always know everything, so here's the updation: I will NOT be posting from tomorrow-Saturday. I will be on a short vacation with my family up at Bear know, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming? Those kind of places. Anyway, today's new item makes the monkey twins a set, the Pet Monkey Plushie!

There isn't much to post about today. Hey, my house smells like cinnamon toast! :P 

Oh, and, a little blog news, we're up to 11,000 views and it's only been 3 days! How cool is that? Good work, guys! When we get to 15,000 there will be another party.

A fun little kangaroo video that you can also watch in Jammer Central: 

And a random but funny story about my almost-everyday life: 

We had a mouse in our walls in the kitchen recently. It had been there for maybe a week, and about 7 traps were set out. This mouse was a clever mouse, because it avoided each and every mousetrap. One night, my mom was in the kitchen and heard the mouse squeak. She quietly yelled for my dad to come and see what was the fuss. My mother had explained the whole squeaking story to my dad, so he looked under the cabinets and other places for the mouse. Unexpectedly, the mouse came running out of the kitchen wall, and ran in circles in the place of my dad's feet. Screaming. That's what my mom did. Scream. Thankfully, none of us woke up, not to mention it was about 1:00 am in the morning. The sneaky, gray rodent began to run up my dad's legs, so he jumped up and down to shake it off. The mouse lost its grip and fell onto the floor, and with his bare foot, he accidentally squished it. Luckily he had caught no diseases or anything. The mouse looked soooo creepy in the trash can-with his legs folded up and everything. 

Now, did that scare you? Or maybe make a laugh?

Never mess with a mouse. Unless it's the super-annoying kind that won't leave your house. 

That's the whip! There's also a new Glitch tab, and the Fun Stuf tab has been updated. Bye for 3 days! 
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  1.! Well i thought the mouse thing was funny cuz here there is no mouses in every houses like all.-sky

  2. LOL this happened to me but I was in my family's laundry room1 ~puppiesluvpancakes

  3. Lol crazy. -tuloiajrok


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