Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Drawings

(Some wolves....)
This took over a month to draw! Excuse the light, it's in a page-protector.
If you read Ranger Rick Junior or Ranger Rick magazines, you probably know Ricky!
A spotted owl, my favorite owl!
A unicorn!
A pack of AJ wolves!
Nyan Cat :P
A dragon!
The Claw!
I hoped you liked my drawings!


  1. Wow!! Those are really good!!(better than I ever could)

  2. luv the dragon/valdes

  3. lol and btw are yur gazzelehorns up for trade?-valde

    1. Possibly. Gazelle Horns are super Beta and rare-I don't know what I'd want for them, so right now it's a maybe.

  4. hey your name is hailey omg I used to know a girl named hailley and we were in student council together in school. Is that you? My name is mara btw-valdes

  5. oh okay sorry then-valdes

    1. That's okay, that was to the other person. Unless you were that person...hmm..but anyway.


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