Saturday, July 20, 2013

Contest Winner!

It was a tie between pupp1266, skydrain7, puppiesluvpancakes, and Cutekitty1264. I'll write down their names on a scrap piece of paper and put them in a bowl/hat....and the winner is.....


You were picked out of the hat!

On Monday you will receive your green mechanical wings.

And I apologize for the twisted post. I'll be posting regularly starting Monday. Also lately there have been comment fights, so please try to not explode. :)

Well, that's the Whip....for now. >:) Kidding.


  1. YAY!!!! YAY!!! Thank you so much-sky

  2. Oh well. :T~puppiesluvpancakes

  3. Aww... oh well- congrats sky!

    Nafaria there is a CHRISTMAS PARTY in 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL IKR! I bought a pet reindeer!! X3 Merry Christmas LOL!! ~puppiesluvpancakes


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