Sunday, October 2, 2016

From Nosey to Nosy: An Obituary


That's right, Jammers. AJHQ noticed their spelling mistake and fixed it. Now, any animal that was named ''Nosey'' is named ''Nosy''. There are no known tracings left of any ''Noseys''.

Nosey lived a short life, but it was a good one. We will forever keep you in our hearts. You certainly are in a better place now...


  1. D,: Poor, poor, Nosey. *sniffs* Nosey was a good lemur. Nosey did a lot of good things in their small, small life. *blows nose* Rest in peace, Nosey. You are forever in my heart.


    1. I agree. *tries to set up a funeral for Nosey*

  2. RIP Noesy... *sniffs* You should make a funeral. NOSEY!! COME BACK COME BACKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs to AJHQ* BRING NOSEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pounds on the door* XDDD


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