Sunday, October 9, 2016

Animal Jam Trading Cards

Hi! :)

A popular Animal Jam YouTuber, bepper, was given two very special pieces of Animal Jam merchandise from her friend.


By the looks of this picture, these trading cards are probably sold at Target for $3.99. I don't think they're available anywhere outside of the USA yet, but hopefully once these card packs are more evenly distributed throughout stores.

When the photos of the pre-AJ merch were being released by AJHQ, they gave us this picture of seven trading cards of Alphas. Perhaps these might be examples of what's inside the trading card packs?

Image result for animal jam trading cards

What do you think of these cool cards?

Bye for now!


  1. I will definitely look for those next time I'm at Tesco to see if they're in the UK yet. I'll definitely get some of these when i can!


  2. Oh wow, Animal Jam really is expanding its franchise.

  3. ugh i'd rather get pokemon cards who cares about these cards

    AJ plz stop marketing trash to people we dont need those littlest pet shop clones\

    or those trying to be hip videos of an ajhq support team member commentating

  4. I saw at Target these lil' blind bag thingies that had AJ magnets in the trading card section!

    1. Me too! I bought a pack yesterday, and there are indeed NO trading cards inside, XD.

    2. I need to cover my radiator in AJ magnets now...



  5. i bought a pack the other day with magnets:)


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