Wednesday, February 15, 2017

800K Views Joke/Riddle Contest Entry Showcase

Hey! ^.^ A few days ago I announced the winners for the 800K views contest on the contest blog, and I promised that I would post a compilation of all of the entries that were sent in. Enjoy!

Person 1: Knock knock.
Person 2: Who's there?
1: jamaa
2: Jamaa who?
1: You better jam-Aat of here.

Person who is telling the riddle: It wraps itself in purple ribbons of electricity,
My ever watchful EYE waiting for a chance to strike
I am powered from their hatred down inside, and feeds on fear...
If you are lucky you can kill me,,
But the brown dust is extremely toxic, 
My brown dust can take out a young Jamaasian easily...
What am I?

I'm the Jammer who lives to see the Phantoms, and beware. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. You never know what corner I will be lurking around. So, watch your back! But, only GOD knows what will happen if a toaster strudel pops out of the toaster! It happened once.. I almost peed my fur!


First owl: Knock, knock?
Second owl: Who’s there?
First owl: Hoo
Second owl: Hoo, who?
First owl: That’s right! Owl’s Hoo!


  1. They're decent entries, unlike one I would have sent in haha. My jokes are just too sarcastic RIP.

  2. I am still shocked I came in 3rd:O Thank you again!

  3. Does anyone have that beta TV that goes on a wall, it's flat, and looks somewhat modern. There's a wood frame around the screen. If anyone has it please Jag me. :) -akmlynx

    1. I do, but it's not for trade, sadly. Sorry!

    2. It's OK Naffy :D -akmlynx

  4. LOOK


    Ok this was irrelevant lol oops

    Nice jokes :P

    I came up with one but I was too late and its very cringy. Here-
    What does Mira watch you with?
    Her z-eye-os.


  5. Ok i have one and if anyone tries to guess it and gets it wrong i'll say the answer

    I have been around for a long time yet people seem to forget i'm there you can always see me in a certain place but hardly anywhere else if you give me some gems i can be by your side but most don't find me helpful i am hardly seen although i still live in jamma what am i? Try to guess it


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