Friday, May 12, 2017

Possible New Minigames + Ocean Party

*Edit: I now realize the mini games listed in this post are actually from Play Wild. Just a quick little disclaimer. :P*

Hi Jammers! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip blog. Today, we're going to be discussing a few possible new minigames, as well as a new party that may come to Jamaa in the near future.

Several days ago, AJHQ released a video narrated by Cami explaining why memberships are important and how they affect the growth of Animal Jam.

At some point in the video, Cami lists off a bunch of content that AJHQ continues to add to Jamaa as more and more memberships are being sold. If you look very closely during that short amount of time, you might see a couple of unreleased features being shown.

These are some pictures of how these unreleased features appear in the video. The first one is probably a minigame called Phantom Dodger. I'm assuming how the game works is like what the title states: you just... dodge phantoms, I guess. The next one is a little more complicated for me to examine. It's called Roll!!!!!! and has some kind of a rodent on it, maybe a hamster.

The final unreleased feature I noticed was the ocean dance party. I think this could most likely be a new Host-Your-Own-Party option to choose from, and it's underwater (obviously).

That's all for today! Tell me what you have to say about these unreleased features.

Thanks for reading, bye!


  1. Naffy, the first two are games from play wild.
    Also, I did some research and folder browsing, and I discovered that the new pet is a platypus

    1. Ohhh, I see. Lol!
      Oh my goodness, a pet platypus? :o I should buy a bunch of blue eggs so if I get one I can name it Perry! XD



    4. Oml, naffy, I need to do that, NEED.

  2. Heya Naffy! First time commenting here, although I do follow your blog very often. Keep up the good work! Well, I do know some things about the minigames Roll! and Phantom Dodger, because they came from AJPW. Roll! is about guiding a hedgehog through an elevated maze. On mobile, we get to choose whether we use tilt control or drag control to guide the hedgehog. Phantom dodger is what it is named. Players on PW will have to hold a finger down on the screen and dodge approaching phantoms. Maybe on the main AJ, we will have to hold the mouse down instead?

    1. Hi there! Nice to meet you! :D Thanks for telling me about those, since I don't really play AJPW all that often. XD But it would be cool if they made those games for the real AJ too, wouldn't it?

  3. Phantom dodger and roll are on play wild

  4. Phantom Dodger sounds really fun to me! Rollllll (I'm not sure how many l's I'm suppose to put XD) Is on Play Wild I think, but I hope they release it onto regular Animal Jam sense I can't play Play Wild!
    And I'm soo glad AJHQ is trying to bring back the waters, I think the reason why they haven't added oceans to AJPW is that they are afraid it would fail, but if you think about AJPW's style, underwater in there would be really cool, o,o like vERRRRYYY cool XD


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