Thursday, May 11, 2017

Snowflake Arctic Wolves

Hey Jammers! Today is a HUGE UPDATE DAY, so let's hop right into it! :D

Firstly, before you log in, you might notice that the Animal Jam homepage has received a background change!

The picture above is just a snippet of what the background looks like, and I think it's awesome! You might also notice our new animal friend coming soon to Jamaa sitting in the background. :3

Now for the real news...

Holy Mira, they changed the look of the Jamaa Journal! O_O I wasn't expecting this at all. If I'm being completely honest, I miss the old version. The old version resembled a real newspaper better than this new one does, but oh well.

Anyways, we now have SNOWFLAKE ARCTIC WOLVES! :o They're like the spring bunnies, but with an epic snowflake pattern! Unfortunately, as cool as they are, they are available for members only and in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds each.

I love them so much! Even though we already have lots of wolves and foxes and what not in Jamaa, the snowflake arctic wolves are truly amazing.

Just look at the CUTENESS!

The Summer Carnival is back! Hooray! :D The Summer Carnival is one of my favorite seasonal events held here in Jamaa, and now it has finally returned. You might see a bunch of recolored items from last year in the shops, as well as several brand-new items!

I love how the Ferris Wheel hat has little mice sitting in the chairs. XD

One more thing - I think since a bunch of items were recolored, the old ones have rare tags on them, and perhaps they will increase in demand and rarity.

The Eggstravaganza got an update, too! Now, you have the possibility of hatching falcons, crocodiles, chicks, and an all-new pet! I wonder what it could be... hmm...

The Beach House is back, and the Phoenix Armor is too!

Apparently, most of us were wrong about the new animal. A lot of Jammers had come to believe that the new animal was going to be a fennec fox, but according to the Jamaa Journal, we'll be getting coyotes instead! I'm not complaining or anything, I'm just rather shocked. I thought for sure we were getting fennec foxes! O.o

This page is just a filler about the 1,000 animals for members.

Falcons are now gone, and lions will be leaving fairly soon as well. :(

GameStop is having a retail gift card sale!

This page just talks about the return of horses, pet piglets, and the Ol' Barn den, and also has a short advertisement on the new ocean Diamond Shops.

And last but not least, we have another page filler about the new adventure.

Well, that about sums up today's update. What do you guys think? My favorite part was probably the snowflake arctic wolves... ahhh! I just can't get over the cuteness! :P

Bye Jammers!


  1. Oml, I love that new homepage. I'm gonna' find out how to set that as my IPad screensaver.
    But yeah, the new jamaa journal. It's less of a journal and more of a billboard. This really annoys me.
    I love the snowflake arctic wolves, but seriously AJ, it's almost summer (and hay fevers come early).
    But, the concept art of the coyote on homepage, ahhh. Im'a make that my look when they come out

    1. I totally agree. When I watched the sneak peek yesterday, I was rather confused because I mean, come on, it's basically summer for most of AJ's population. Perhaps the release of the snowflake arctic wolves would have been more fit for the winter, but nevertheless, I still really like them. :P

  2. I think everyone thought it was gonna be fennec foxes! I shall forever miss the old jamaa journal

    1. R.I.P old Jamaa Journal. You will be missed.


  3. The Wandering Wanders Opinion on this Week's Update that AJHQ Probably Did Something We Don't Appreciate.... (Heh)

    1. Cool homepage. I can't picture flamingos in Jamaa.
    2. Cool wolves, wrong timing.
    3. Finally the carnival is back. I've been waiting forever! :P
    4. Oooh I need to know what that pet is...
    5. Beach House and Phoenix Armor is back, cool.
    6. Coyote :faints: Those look awesome, but RIP fennec fox you will be missed.
    7. Fillers -_-
    8. I don't like the new Jamaa Journal makeover.
    Overall review 7/10 I like the coyotes but there's alot of things I'm not too fond of.
    -Akmlynx >.<

  4. I think the coyote's will look ADORABLE when they come out! AND YAYYYY MORE EGGS MORE EGGS :D
    Personally, I don't like the new jamaa journal :/ It's to play wildish D:

    1. I know!! You saw that leaked picture, right? I sure hope they turn out to look like that!

  5. 1. This just feels kind of pointless in my opinion. Do we really need this, ajhq?
    2. Eh ok
    3. Ok
    4. Ok. I needed that phoenix armour so yay I guess lol
    5. Ugh I don't really like coyotes. Whenever I think of them, I think of my dad's American friend who said their cat was almost eaten by one..
    Needless to say, I wanted fennec foxes. I feel like regular wolves already look like coyotes. It does look cute though I guess.

    6. Rest of journal is kind of useless lol

    I don't really like this update. It just feels pointless and I'm grumpy about Fennec foxes not coming to Jamaa lol

    And I really dislike the new Jamaa journal layout

    1/10. Sorry Ajhq but I'm grumpy


    1. Yeah, I sure do miss the old Jamaa Journal. :c

  6. I liked the old journal better, this seems a little um...... too modern?
    And although I'm not a member, I'm really happy for the members that they get all these privileges, and I hope the non members will get some too!
    The Snowflake Arctic Wolves are right timing! It's nearly winter here (Wherever "here" defines for you)!


    1. Hehe! Yeah, in some places I suppose you could say in a certain light it's winter all year round.

  7. Honestly i don't like the new Jamaa journal it doesn't look like a newspaper just a billboard! Nothing in the JJ was for Non-members.

    1. Yeah. The old Jamaa Journal actually looked more like a real newspaper.

  8. Hello Naffy! I'm really proud of your blog, I get eager to see it every day XD My AJ user is Fuzzybluewolf555. I really like that the new animal is a coyote because I want a wolf or dog related animal for my main look :D But I don't want to have the arctic wolf because everyone has it :T I'd like to stay with the reg wolf but some of the items don't look too good on them XD

    1. Hi there Fuzzy! :D I am so glad you like my blog. That means a whole lot. :) I am going to try and buddy you ASAP!!

  9. I knew we're not getting Fennec Foxes, but I thought it was a jackal! Also the new Jamaa Journal is ugly :(


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