Friday, May 5, 2017

Hatapalooza 2017

Hello Jammers! Happy Friday!

As you may have heard already, Jamaa is hosting another Hatapalooza sale, where a bunch of hats are on sale for this weekend only. You can find them available on three different carts hidden around Jamaa.

The first one is in Jamaa Township next to the Mira Statue.

This particular cart sells the following items:

Yep, top hats are for sale. I wonder how the trading community will respond to this...

The second cart is in Crystal Sands next to the Pet Wash.

It sells the following items:

The last cart (and probably the easiest one to find) is in Coral Canyons right next to the spawning area.

It sells these items:

But that's not all. In the Jamaa Journal, it said there would be three brand-new hats to purchase, and they obviously can't be found in the carts, so where else do you think they would be?

The Diamond Shop, of course! :P

Well, that's all for today. Be sure to buy some hats and celebrate Hatapalooza!


  1. I wonder if there's hats being sold in the underwater diamond shop?

    1. No, there are no hats being sold in the underwater diamond shop. I checked

    2. Yeah, no underwater hats for sale. :(

  2. Why top hats? Just why top hats? THEIR RARITY IS RUINED AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so disappointed in AJ for adding top hats in stores.

  4. NUUU I had a lighter blue tophat prior to this and NOW IT's WORTHLESS! WAH

    1. Well, if I were you, I would just wait for everyone to forget about the rerelease of top hats and then trade them away :D

  5. I just gotta admit... I really hate that spike collar top hat. It's just.. Kinda ugly, And spikes are just way over used. And now AJHQ thinks that's all jammers want. :L soon spikes will have there own shop or something.. :P

    1. With how many spiked accessories we have now, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually happened. LOL.

    2. Omg
      I figured it out

      The new animal...


      And soon to follow:
      Revenge of the spike adventure
      Spike land
      Spiked spike
      Pet spike
      Brady Barr with 120% more spike



    3. Agreed, AJHQ over uses the spikes. They think everyone is all 'OMG it a spikez!!! WE LORV U AJHQ AND BKSHEBNSURBBDNSHEBVEHDKUDH!' -akmlynx^.^

    4. Let's make a shrine for spikes and worship them, shall we?

    5. "All hail spikes, All hail spikes... Also Brady Barr with 120% more spike sounds amazing Kraft." But in all reality the only reason I like spikes is because of how they look on the lions.
      ~Akmkynx the Wandering Wanderer~
      (I made a signature ^.^)

  6. I actually love how they added tophats XD Because they are pretty cool..
    The spike tophat is just o.o whats next? spike elf bracelets? As if elf bracelets haven't been used enough.

    Tophats are just so amazing su

    #MakeNecklacesGreatAgain B)

    1. Yeah, I agree. I've always wanted that black and white striped top hat for some reason, but I've never been able to get it because I'm not that good at trading. :P

  7. Executive 1: lets combine 2 overuesed items!
    Executive 2: Make it spikes and top hats!
    Executive 3: if we make it diamond, we'll get money off it!
    Executive 4: or we could make an original item.
    *AJHQ throws Executive 4 out of the window*
    Executive 3: he better not smash my car as he falls!
    *Executive 4 smashes into Executive 3's car*
    Executive 3: he shall pay! Mwahahhaha

    1. Hahaha! Your analogies are always so funny to read.

  8. LETS HAVE LONG COLLARS ON OUR TAILS! (Being sarcastic) e,o


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