Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rings and Necklaces

Hullo, Jammers! Today's been a grouchy day for me...

Today's returning item is the plain Heart Necklace.

I don't really care for this item. How about you?

Don't forget the party in a few days:

I might be giving away a few small prizes there, so come at your own please. ^.^

I will be updating a few pages on the blog after I'm done posting. If you haven't noticed, the Fun Stuf page was removed and set to draft because I am editing it. Also, the Graphics page will be edited too. :)

My friend numnum13 found a weird item yesterday.

A silver ring? Labeled rare? No new color, or higher price? SOLD ON A TUESDAY!? Weird. This glitch was removed from the game, though... silly AJHQ. :P

That's all I have for today, so, um, bye.


  1. Cool! Thanks for posting that.

  2. I went to the Pets Only Party, made a few graphics, rhen came back to AJ. Everyone had dissappeared. I clicked on the Epic Wonders orb, and that common glitch came up- rares, fox symbols, etc. Now it happens whenever I go to a party! I can no longer go to parties!!!!!

    A very sad numnum13 D:

  3. Lol, weird glitch! O.O I like it; RIT, Rare Item Tuesday! :P
    And Tuesday's rare is... The rare Silver Ring, which looks exactly like the normal Silver Ring! XP

  4. Speaking of glitches, I was just on Webkinz at the Kinzville Academy playing the Agility class, and I was doing it as the extra Deluxe Membership class, then it said I was level 88 when I was level 2 (the highest level is level 10 btw O.O) then it made me exit and it said I failed!! If I won I would have gotten to level 3... D: It was so weird.. level 88? Why level 88?


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