Monday, February 17, 2014

Curly Cherries

Ni Hao Jammers! :) Happy President's Day! Today's new items are the Cherry Tree and the Rare Curly Wig.

The wig is too over-pricey for me. Not to mention it's an odd looking item in my opinion.

Aha! Now I prefer this one much better. If only it were NM... then we could all enjoy its part in a beautiful February scenery.

Onto another topic now....


I sort of want another author for this blog, but like I always say whenever someone asks me about authors, I just can't have any other authors besides me. It's because my mom's email is the email connected to my Blogger account. I don't have my own email. I might get one soon, but I don't really CARE for one-besides, even if I got one, I could only use it for talking with friends I know in real life.

So that's the scheme on authors.

Bye until tomorrow!


  1. Meh. Why can't AJ make cooler Rims, like, for example, a Rare Tail Armor or Rare Spiked Collar, but the shade os that of the Rare Headress? It would make a cute combination ^.^

    Mythical Cat eating a Cupcake .o.

  2. They should come out with a completely new item for RIMs. The Curly Wig... AJHQ could of come out with something better. ^.^

  3. They could of made rare plaques!
    (I have a post of what a Rare howl plaque could look like)

  4. Hmm... That is a tough situation.


    Okay, so you know about this donation central in the Musuem in Appondale?
    I was thinking that we could ALL make ONE account called something like: Wehelptheendangeredones or Wildcatslikecakeswithwhip. So we all play games on it and earn gems, and the password is known by us only (something like: AJWHIPROCKS). But we HAVE to swear to NEVER spend the gems on anything else. Of course, our animal (preferably a tiger cause we're donating to big cats XD) can have a few clothes like a friendship braclet and a freedom helmet, but not more. Eventually a den with a few items in it.
    Obviously, the point is to help endangered animals. If you volunteer for this action, please reply to this comment! :D

    Oh and Nafi, if you could post this comment as a post (lol) it would be great :)

    The Legend of the Cat and the Golden Cupcake

  6. Hey nafaria today's new item is the nesting Liza Doll in epic wonders for 1000 gems fyi u can c my videos for the daily items :D (the channel is called QTAngel) :D

    ~QTAngel ^.^ of course lol

  7. I made a blog. My first, hurray! Please check it out. It's called The Animal Jam Dream!

  8. I could be your author if you'd like.

    Your mom knows who I am and I think I'm trustworthy.
    You could say were working together, because we would be!

    But it's your choice!


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