Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heart Earmuffs

Hi Jammers! Today's returning Friendship Festival item is a pair of Heart Earmuffs. Oh, and look! It's the start of a new month! ^.^ That's fun. :P

This item is so simple yet fun! Oh, and sorry about not posting yesterday. I had swim team.

Did you know I'm in the Jammer Snaps along with cyacheer and ellllllle?

I'm Sparkle Daringstone. :3

This is a picture of my dog. :P

And a little rant about the selection of items in the Friendship Party. See these beautiful, colorful, bright items for Members? See the plain, crusty rug for NMs? Unacceptable!

I'm out of time for now, sorry for the unorganized post. I'm tired.



  1. Like the earmuffs
    Your dog is so cute
    Items , unfair for non members

  2. Hey nafaria could you possibly tell me what a wizard hat is worth a rare one i have one and i dont really want it. So what would i get for it?

  3. Awesome! You're on Jammer Snaps!

  4. Aw, you're dog is so cute! :3 So fluffy!
    And the NM items... :T Really, AJHQ?
    But at least the Heart Lockets are NM

  5. I actually really like the rug: it's nice and vintage, and will look great with the more naturalistic stuff. Wait, does that word even exist? XD
    Meow. Okay, I better continue my damn homework for latin. >:T


  6. Oh, and congrats on Jammer Snaps! :D

  7. Oh my gosh, your dog looks so much like a soft coated wheaten terrier! I love those dogs, they're absolutely adorable and soft. I have one myself. <3

  8. Ellllllle is my friend.. I met her when I gave her a member top hat


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