Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Parka Science

Hi Jammers! I am feeling very happy, because today was my school's Science Fair, and I won 1st Place! :D But things get even better-I found out I'm competing in the District Science Fair! :3

So... yeah.

Today's new item is the slightly tight, but scruffy and fluffy Parka!

(GIF from Animal Jam Spirit)

Also, I think eagles will be coming tomorrow! We can only wait and see. If eagles DO come, maybe it will give me a boost in taking more interest into Animal Jam.

Here's a tip I learned during my science project with heat. When you buy a coat for the winter, you should purchase a dark-colored one, not a light-colored one. Black and dark colors absorb heat, so if you wanna stay warm, wear dark clothing. It's opposite with light colors, as they don't absorb heat. If you prefer being cooled down like in the summer, then wear neon or bright colors. ^.^

Ooh, and also, make sure your coat is made out of good insulators to keep you warm and cozy. You can look up those good materials for insulating. While on the opposite side, things called good conductors let in heat, so you don't want those...

See, that's why parkas aren't made of metal (a good conductor). :P

Enough of my rambling! Ciao!


  1. AWESOME JOB ON THE SCIENCE FAIR! right now we are having a eagle parade in the museum!-cyacheer

  2. I have a red coat. :3


  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I am happy for ya!

    ~QTAngel <3


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