Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bwah *.*

Hi guys! For those of you who went to the party, thank you. ^.^ It was a nice half hour. I wished for it to last longer, but I had some science fair stuff to complete. That party was fun but sloppy, and there were many ways for it to have been better. >.<

It's okay if you didn't come! You didn't really miss anything BIG and EXCITING. Don't you hate it when homework gets in the way? Oh, well.

Yeah... and no awesome pictures of the party, either! >:O What am I gonna do!?

-sigh- Ciao...


  1. You know, it's okay if the party wasn't THAT fun, I bet it was still awesome to be with buddies. I couldn't go since I was in Ghent >3< And about the getting bored of AJ? That happened to me to the periods where I played everyday. I think you should hire authors for AJW.
    Then you would get less bored of it :)

    Oh and BTW, PWEEASE read me comment on a random post; it says "important news" in caps. It's impohtaht!!


    1. As much as I'd like to, I CAN'T hire any authors. My blogger account is connected to my mom's email, as I don't have my own.

    2. Talk to your mom about it, then add your new AJ email to it as Administrator (with all the rights and stuff like changing the template and hiring authors) and hire authors by using that email :D

      The Cupcake Dat Got Away (LOL Im addicted to old songs XD and BTW I MIGHT change my usa to xneoncupcakesx which explains the Cupcake)

  2. I couldn't come, I had things to do, I don't put Aj things in front of rl. Like you say, you have a life, live it :) sorry couldn't come

  3. I wanted to come so badly! I was thinking about trying the 'edit other people's dens' trick and putting birthday cakes on people! XD

  4. I couldn't come, I had to go do Girl Scouts. :) But, even if it wasn't the best party in the history of AJ, it was still a party! And congrats on 50,000 views! :D

  5. I really wanted to come, but haven't been able to go on the computer for a few days :(

  6. Why do I always miss the parties now for some reason? D: I have not come to like 5 parties for AJ.. D: plus, I was reaaaalllly sick when the party was, and I had to sleep in D: just what I need! Getting sick. D:


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