Saturday, February 8, 2014

Everything Is Awesome

"Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're apart of the team!"

XD Hi Jammers! Last night partyanimalzz and I went to go see the HILARIOUS and epic show of the new Lego Movie! It's so worth it! :D

Here's the trailer:

Today's new item is a pair of Cupid Wings, found in the Jam Mart Clothing, along with a returning item, the unpopular Heart Antennae Headbands.

Also there's a Heart Rug in Sunken Treasures.

I took that from my storage account. 

With the new update, some NMs have Member-only items in their den!

It's really cool! I wonder what AJ will do about these glitches lately. Firstly they removed that "editing den" glitch, and they still have two more glitches to fix. Unless the Member item glitch isn't harmful and they decide to leave it, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

An invitation reminder:

That's the Whip today! Happy Whipping!


  1. For some reason I like the heart head thing ;)


  2. I'm going to the Lego movie today ^.^ I hope it's good! I have a webkinz lion with a purple mane is it rare or... I've never seen it in a store so... yeah.. well Jam on ~DogLover1230~


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