Monday, February 23, 2015

2011 and 2015 Comparisons

Bonjour! ^.^ Comment ca va?

Researching Animal Jam's Beta Testing period is actually prety fun. You can spot tons of differences between now and back then!

One thing I noticed while researching is how people dressed.

Here are some outfits from 2010, 2011, and possibly some part of 2012 that I randomly found on the Internet:

I love Sheesh's look! I remember when I started Animal Jam. Sheesh was one of my role models, believe it or not. I always admired her unique fashion. :P
Agh... I never liked silverstein. Mean ol' scammer, ya know. >:(
Haha. Hi there, Mel! XD
As you can see, a lot of these Jammers are wearing things like leaf necklaces and viking hats. Not too many Jammers wear those things anymore. :c

Now, here are some outfits from 2013 right up until this very day:

Are you seeing a lot of spiked collars and worns? Maybe a pair of sunglasses or two?

Why is there such an immense change in dress from the time Animal Jam began all the way to this exact moment?

It's because rares change over time.

During 2010-2011, leaf necklaces were extremely rare and sought after. So were elf bracelets, royal blankets, flags, and gloves. Ooooh, people went MAD for gloves -  and I mean MAD.

Nowadays, spiked collars and wristbands are extremely sought after (but I wouldn't really call them "rare" because it seems like everybody has one), as well as headdresses, New Year's Party Hats, Founder's Hats, 'n stuff.

I wonder what items will be rare in the next three years or so. 'Cause when rarity changes, outfits change, too!

Have a grrrrrrreat day!


  1. Was there ever a time when people went crazy over heart lockets? cause i think they did at one point.

    1. Yes, in fact, they did! I remember an old friend of mine named blue116. Back in 2011, she was overjoyed when someone traded her a shiny blue heart locket. She was so happy... and I was so jealous. xD Just kidding.

  2. Haha i remember how people were crazy for gloves xD

  3. Actually I think they are shutting AJ down in 2016

    1. That is very unlikely since AJ is a successful game

    2. Yes, that's true. Also, didn't AJHQ confirm they didn't have any plans to shut down anytime soon in one of their DE posts?


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