Friday, February 20, 2015

New March Template

Hi everyone! I just fixed up a new template for the upcoming month of March. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate it?

I know, it's a bit early to make blog changes, but next week I will be very, very busy. Too busy to make updates, of course. My sister's birthday party is on the 28th, and you have NO idea how passionate she is about birthdays, especially if it's hers! She's been planning the celebration since last summer. And, like every other little girl out there, the theme for her party is Disney's Frozen! :P

I also have to modify the music playlist and switch the Jammer of the Month. Who's it gonna be? :o You'll find out later!

Well, have a good night (or morning). See ya later!


  1. I rate it a nine! I especially like the banner!

    (P.S. There is nothing wrong with it, I just don't like giving perfect tens unless something REAAAAAAAALLLY wows me. I'm just that way :P)

  2. :O This template is AWESOME! 10 out of 10 :3 Yay, you got 10 out of 10 marks keep on studying to get the same marks everytime O3O (meh weirdness huehue)

  3. I rate it a 10! I really like it! :D

  4. Wow, I love the new template! Hmm, I would give it a 9.7! :D

  5. Omg I jsut love the tiger face. And when will u change the jammer of the month? Also I love the new template it's spring like but it's green for St Patrick's day and March!

  6. Frozen was a good movie but i really dont see whats so special about it
    Its quite cliché actually

    Also you seem to be very fond of this background haha
    Its like the 3rd time you used it or something
    The tiger is really cute also

  7. I Wonder who? -Popy2750

  8. 10! Love the tiger!

  9. OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! I would rate it 10 I really like it!

  10. The new blog template is AMAZING!!!! Mind if I break the 1 to 10 scale and give it a 100? 'Cuz it's just that awesome. :P Happy birthday to your sister! Haha- I am sure her party will be a blast! :D

  11. Hmm..... I like the nature-themed background, the picture of the tiger, and the quote. So basically everything about it. *waits for rest of awesome changes to occur* c:

  12. I LOVE IT!!! I love tigers, and it all goes together so well!-cyacheer

  13. I think it's AWESOME. 10/10! My best friend's favorite animal is a tiger. ;D


  14. I give it a one billion. I'm SO dramatic.


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