Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hot Dog Vendors = Traders

One thing I don't get about Jammers is how they go to Jamaa Township and dance around like robots and scream, "TRADE ME RARES!"

It's like a hot dog vendor on the streets of NYC doing the chicken dance yelling, "BUY MY HOT DOGS!"


  1. The dancing hot dogs are so HAPPY!

  2. LOL The hot dogs look so hilarious! XD And yeah, sadly there are tons of Jammers that do that because of their greed for rares. And also, the Anonymous was me. I was on my dad's phone so I didn't want to login. Sorry about that.

  3. Well you see the gaming world and the real life world are very different
    In animaljam you can just walk up to a person and be like "HEY LEts bE BUDDIES!!!!!111!1!11!!1!1!" but in real life that would just be plain creepy unless youre 3-7 years old

    1. Your right, mythy, if some one walked up to me and said LETS BE BUDDIES! i would freak out XD


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