Thursday, February 26, 2015

Funny Fridays

From now on, most (not every - most) Fridays will be "Funny Fridays", where I post a funny picture or video of Animal Jam. Some of the media won't be mine, so I'll make sure to give credit for those. :3

This week's Funny Friday is coming early because I won't have time to make one tomorrow. It's my sister's birthday, and well, you know how big of a celebration it is. xP

Anyway, here ya go!

This was made by me, so if you use it, please give credit! ^.^


Bye. owo


  1. XDD I'm laughing so hard!


  2. XD >:3 Happy Birthday to your sister!! :D

    ^^^i see white and gold

  4. Lol, im laughing right now XD

  5. them:
    <3 eachother

    Ugh you ok guys? U seem kinda um in love? You know?

    Mind your own business

    Me: what!!!!! Crys and runs away


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