Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stone Pit Fountain Den Tip

Stone Pit Fountain
This elegant and mystical fountain will bring some ambiance to your den!

What You Need:

Fountain Sprinkler
Stone Floor Den Portal

Place the fountain directly on top of the portal, and voila! It is optional whether or not you activate the portal, but I personally think it looks better deactivated. :)


  1. That is seriously an amazing idea! Too bad I don't own a sprinkler. (Aren't they beta?)

    1. They aren't beta. They were sold in Jamaa Furniture I believe a year ago.

  2. I need a sprinkler now... Hopefully they come out again next summer


  3. Ooh yay, now I can make a trillion of these!!! :P (I have a lot of fountain sprinklers bc I used to clan rp a lot. I used them as just decoration)

  4. If only the layers in Animal Jam weren't weird, and we can try to make a two-tier fountain! Anyone else with me?

  5. this is soooo cool tysm will do


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