Friday, January 27, 2017

AJ Would You Rather Questions

Hey Jammers! Over the past few days, I've collected a variety of Animal Jam Would-You-Rather questions that I thought would be kind of fun to answer! Feel free to answer these questions as well in the comments or on your own blog. ^.^ Let's begin!

1. Would you rather be a rare non-member and cannot get membership or be a member with no rares at all?
I'd rather be a member without any rares. :)

2. Would you have unlimited diamonds or unlimited gems?
I'd rather have unlimited diamonds, because then I could just use my diamonds to purchase gems!

3. Would you rather be Aparri or WisteriaMoon?

4. Would you rather have no minigames or no adventures?
As much as I enjoy them, I think I'll have to go with no minigames. :c

5. Have 1 million gems or have one of every rare known to Animal Jam? (question credit to Feelers)
Hmm... I'd rather have one of every rare known to Animal Jam. :p

6. Would you rather work at AJHQ or become a famous Jammer?
I'd rather work at AJHQ. Working at AJHQ sounds like lots of fun!

7. Would you rather get hacked and lose all of your rares or get scammed and lose all of your rares?
I'd rather get scammed. I wouldn't want my hacker finding out even more information about me than he/she already has, so with a scammer it would be a lot more safe in my opinion.

Thanks for reading today's post! Bye!


  1. Very cool idea! Here are my answers:

    1. Same as you, Naffy. I'd rather be a member without rares. Who needs them anyway?
    2. Unlimited diamonds.
    3. O.O Oh my gosh... That is the weirdest question EVER! XD Ok, um... I'd rather be Wisteriamoon because she's a girl. And then I could FINALLY reveal if Wistparri or Jisteria is real and end those dumb ship wars.
    4. Oh dang! I like both! But I'd have to say have no minigames because adventures you can get gems, prizes, and play with friends.
    5. Actually, a million gems could run out... So, I'd like every rare known to AJ. Not for the rarity, of course. Just for fun.
    6. O.O Being famous would be really fun but would tiresome SUPER fast. WORKING FOR AJHQ, WOOOO!!! (then your kinda sorta famous if you get to use the real AJHQ account!)
    7. Um, scammed.


    Twins for life. ;)

    1. i know i'm late but
      1. member no rares
      2.unlimited diamonds
      4. this is hard but i guess no adventures
      5.every rare known
      6. famous jammer
      7. scammed of all my rares

  2. 1. member with no rares at all
    2. unlimited diamonds
    3. WisteriaMoon (BC in my opinion, Aparri is so self centered!)
    4. no minigames (ARGH THIS WAS HARD I LOVE THE GAMES!)
    5. have one of every rare known to Animal Jam (I HAVE a million gems njk
    6. work at AJHQ
    7. get scammed and lose all of your rares (BC the Hacker can keep coming BACK to your account, Scamming is only once)
    This was fun! You should do more of these kinda things!
    *King Tough Bunny

  3. 1. Non member. Being a nm isn't that bad XD
    2. Diamonds, because I could just by gems with the diamonds XDDD
    3. Wisteria, I want her talent of art lol
    4. No minigames
    5. Have every rare knows to Animal Jam (Cuz I would have unlimited diamonds to buy gems XDDD)
    6. Work at AJHQ
    7. Scammed and loose all my rares.

    This was really fun! :D

  4. Mmm lets do this

    1. I'd rather be non member with rares, because my dream item is an alpha sword, and that's non member :P
    2. Diamonds, because masterpieces.
    3. HMMMM, I WONDER...
    Wisteriamoon duh
    4. No minigames because adventures are life
    5. Every rare
    6. Work at ajhq because ajhq ARE famous jammers X3
    7. Scammed because hacking is scary lol

    I have a would you rather:
    Would you rather always play as a spinnyboi or always play as a basic arctic wolf with a spike?
    Spinnyboi of course XD

  5. For me:
    1. Rare Non-Member (because I really don't need to be a member tbh)
    2. Diamonds! (duh)
    3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH TOO HARD TO CHOOSE! Hmm... Wisteria cuz she's a girl and so I could stop spinnyboiz with my amazing candle-crociness (no offense to any spinnyboiz, some of dem are just annoying)(and yes I like Aparri)
    4. No minigames so my sis would stop getting on my account to play them lol.
    5. EVERY RARE KNOWN TO AJ (duh) because I would be famous and have magenta items and have Alpha Sword etc. etc.
    6. Famous Jammer because I can't work at AJHQ (I'm thinking logically on this one I'm too young and don't wanna move to Utah) and I wanna be up there with Aparri, Wisteria, Snowyclaw, etc.
    7. NEITHER (I loaf my rurz. No, really I do.) but really, scammed.
    ~awesomecutesmiles who is too lazy to log on lol

  6. 1. NM because nm Rares are cool
    2. Diamonds
    3. Wisteria cuz she a girl
    4. No minigames cuz adventures are cool
    5. Rares cuz I could recycle or trade any member Rares for gems
    6. Famous jammer
    7. Scammed cuz naffy has a good point


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