Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Biggest Masterpiece in Animal Jam

Hey Jammers! :)

As I was strolling through Jamaa, I found what could most likely be the BIGGEST ANIMAL JAM MASTERPIECE ever created.

In fact, it's not actually a masterpiece. It's a collection of masterpieces carefully designed to look like one giant masterpiece.

It is currently owned by Pugfluff, and the actual creator of the masterpiece is Hideyzone.

See? Pretty cool, right? :D

Before I conclude this post, check out what this kangaroo said in Jamaa Township:

I wonder what a Bepper Fiesta is like. I've never been to one before... hmm.

Thanks for reading, goodbye!


  1. I'm really curious how that masterpiece was made. They must've taken a screenshot of the first one, then aligned it next to the AJ paint window and repeated? Idk


    1. Yeah, it's quite the mystery. However it was made, it is still super awesome!

  2. Wow, acts actually pretty neat. I wonder how they did that on aj?

  3. I know! I know! XD

    The Masterpiece is actually made by Hyenine1, a really cool buddy of mine. There are three of them out there that I know of, one being in his den. (I think? O.o) :D He uses backup accounts to make the mural-Masterpieces, because he doesn't have enough Diamonds on his main one. He signs his username in the corner, if you look close enough. :)

    I've asked him about how he draws his 36-piece art (he has one-piece and four-piece,too), and he said that for all his multi-Masterpiece art, he draws it in real life on graph paper, then mathematically increases the scale until the piece of the drawing needed is Masterpiece-sized.

    In closing, he's an amazing artist, a wonderful buddy, and a Hyena enthusiast. CX I highly recommend checking out his den!


  4. Wow, that must've taken a while! They probably saved a different file with the lineart for each piece.

  5. Wow. I'm terrible at making masterpiece s, I can't imagine trying to make a bunch. -akmlynx ^.^

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