Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Membership Card Animals

Hey Jammers! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip!

For today's post, we are going to be talking about a special group of animals I like to call the ''membership card animals''. You'll know what I'm talking about as we begin.

Let's start off with the lion, the very first animal to become a member of this little club.

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The lion was released in October 2011, and could only be obtained through a special membership pack called ''King of the Jungle". The pack included a free castle den, 15,000 gems, and a lion character, of course. If you didn't want the pack, you had the option of selecting a six month subscription to the National Geographic Kids magazine.

When the Diamond Shop opened its doors, lions made a grand re-entry to the game in May 2013 and were sold there for ten diamonds.

Another cool fact about the lion is that people who purchased it via gift card received a unique version of this animal named ''King of the Jungle''. Sadly, the name is not available to you if you buy a lion from the Diamond Shop.

The second animal with this similar situation was the arctic wolf. Yes, you heard it; believe it or not, the arctic wolf is in the special membership card group, too!

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Arctic wolves were released in October 2012, and were only redeemable as a promotional gift through a special three month membership gift card with a picture of two arctic wolves on it. Like the lion, it had a unique name as well, that could also only be obtained via gift card. This explains why some peoples' arctic wolves are named ''Arctic Wolf''.

Then they were re-released in the Diamond Shop in May 2013. Whomp, whomp.

Moving on!

The third animal is the snow leopard.

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Fun fact: once players started noticing that certain Jammers had snow leopards, they assumed the animal was a puma. I was one of those people. Hehe!

Snow leopards were released in November 2012 and, like the arctic wolves, could only be acquired through a special three month membership gift card with a picture of a snow leopard on it, and it was exclusive to Target. Pretty neat, right?

Also like the arctic wolves and lions, snow leopards from the gift card came with a unique default name: ''Snow Leopard''. I bet you know what happens next... yes, they were re-released at the Diamond Shop!

The final member of this group is the kangaroo.

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As you've all probably guessed by now, the kangaroo was released in June 2013 and originally sole to a three month membership gift card that was only available in Australia and New Zealand, but when the Diamond Shop came to Jamaa, kangaroos were re-released there.

Unlike the previous three animals, the kangaroo did not come with a unique default name.

That about wraps up this post. Did you enjoy learning about the membership card animals? :)

Thanks for reading. See you soon!
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