Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowballs and Spice and.... SCAMMERS!?

As you see, I have changed up this blog a lot. This blog will mainly be about AJ, while sometimes we'll add some pinches of Webkinz together when there are really important stuff to know. Anyway, there are some people in AJ that are called scammers. Scammers are people that trick you into trading stuff that you don't want traded. There are different ways to scam. Here are some that I know of (for now):

1. When someone yells, "WHOEVER SENDS ME A RARE FIRST GETS ___", do not fall for it. They will log off and run away with your rares.

2. Some people tell people to go to their den. There are items in certain corners of the den. The person will ask you to click on the items rapidly back and forth. Then they will trade you a non-rare for a rare on your list. Your mouse will be moving so fast it may click on accept. The scammer logs off and runs away.

And on Webkinz, you can participate in the Snowball Collection Challenge! Ask your friends for snowballs and win a great prize.

That's the whip for today!


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