Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hockey Mask

Hello! Yesterday evening we went out for ice cream after my brother's soccer game. I got cake batter pumpkin spice twist with cookie dough and brownie bites toppled on it. Delicious!

Anyway, today's returning item is the Hockey Mask!

I don't really think these masks are appropriate for little kids. This item reminds me too much of that guy with the chainsaw in those horror movies (not that I watch them! He's been mentioned in a book!). At least kiddies don't watch horror movies so they don't know what this item represent....

Although, it would be nice to have this item replaced with skullies. I'd like to try them on. Would you?

Also, the Rare Item Monday list poll has closed. It seems like everyone wants the RIM list to stay. After all, in my spare time I now have something to do! ^.^

Speaking of polls, please vote on the Comic poll! It closes in a few days, I believe.

I've also got another video. Unfortunately I cannot record sound because it gets all fuzzy. And, if you open up big-screen, you can barely read what's on the video. So....maybe zoom in on your computer? I really don't know. >.<

To close this post, I'd like to advertise for endwingrim2. She politely asked me if I could advertise her mailtime. Please send her gifts and JAGS for her mailtime if you'd like! She'd be so jubilant. ^.^

I guess that's all to talk-I mean type-about. See you in Jamaa!

(P.S. If anyone has Yellow Sweets or an RC Car, would you accept a Bubblegum Machine? Not the kind in stores? The Beta kind?)


  1. I think the Hockey Mask is a little creepy. It would be cool if Skullies returned! - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. Thank you, Nafaria! ^.^
    I like cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles and crumbled Oreos. Mmm.... Haha, now I'm just hungry! :P

  3. I think the hockey mask is inapropite to. Also I like ice cream to. I'm really excited right now in half an hour I'm going to a horse show!-cyacheer

  4. I'll be right back onto AJ! Just eating some yummy noodles & pudding... :3

  5. The hockey mask does look... Strange...

  6. what is it worht if u now jag me im jammer7m712


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