Monday, October 21, 2013

Airplanes and Creatures

Hey Jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday! Today's RIM is a Rare Scary Halo.

It doesn't really look scary to me. 

Also, we have two more returning items:

Creature Masks! I love Creature Masks! ^.^

And Airplane Wings! I love Airplane Wings! ^.^

Yeah. Whew.

Did you know there is a Beta Creature Mask? Only few people have it.

Also, today I will un-postpone the Portraits. I can continue to work on them again. :)

Oh! And today is Jammer of the Week, isn't it?

Today's lucky Jammer is....

partyanimalzz is my best friend in real life. I've known her since I started playing AJ, and I introduced her to it. She's really funny and cool. ^.^ She owns the blog Animal Jam Non Member, along with her cousin pupp1266.

Don't worry, I've got y'all signed up for hopefully someday. :P

Gotta hurry! Okay, now for Weekly Animal Fact:

I decided to do something on ravens because as I was scrolling down my buddy list for partyanimalzz, I accidentally clicked on her. :3

Wow...we're almost up to 30,000 views! :O

Keep viewing and Whipping! Bye!


  1. Hi congrats partyanimalzz
    AJ has been running slow anyone noticed
    Love the new items and. Rare

    1. Nafaria so do you do someone every week

    2. I mean do you pick someone each week

    3. Yep! I usually pick my buddies, or viewers as the time passes by. ^.^

  2. Nooooo! My croc looks horrrid!! No everyone knows me as the creepo mustache croc. I was bored okay, I bought a whole bunch of useless items that I put on my croc. I'm a werido

    1. Lol! No worries. I can upload an image of your wolf that I drew. -nafaria9


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