Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nafaria's Lessons #4-It's Not The End Of The World

Hey again! I've decided to do a lesson post today!

Today's lesson is about what to do after you get hacked.

I have several friends who have been hacked before-skydrain7, partyanimalzz (when she was funlamb), xXRobinHoodXx, Gingerwings, Meloetta385, etc. 

Thank goodness they all didn't quit, except for Meloetta. She gets on rarely, and it's always nice to speak with her.

Here's a question to you:
If you got hacked, would you quit AJ entirely, partially, or not quit at all?

I'd still play AJ. I think. What would YOU do?
Most people, once they've been hacked, quit because their items are gone. I'd cry all day if my items were taken away, but it wouldn't effect whether I still played or not. 

I know that we work hard for our items. REALLY hard. We good Jammers use the trade system, not anything else. Scamming items means you're just a lazy bum who uses other ways to trick people into giving you rares.

The best ways to collect rares that DON'T include any of these ugly messes can be found on my trading blog. I hope you find the blog useful! o.o

Anyway, if you DO get hacked.....

Don't commit suicide because you lost your items. I speak from the heart, as I'm sure it is pretty bad to have all those items taken away from you.

I'm sure even that Monty monkey in the adventures feels your pain, too, even though it's a robotic player!

Tomorrow I will post more about this. Bye!


  1. one night I had a dream I was hacked but I still played because of how my friends treat me fair. In real life, I would do exacty the same thing.

  2. Hackers are bad scammers are bad but good jammers are FANTASTIC jammers

  3. I got hacked but I didn't quit. It's bad to be hacked but it isn't the end of the world. Even if you lose your items your friends will still be there for you :) - xXRobinHoodXx


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