Saturday, October 12, 2013

Salamander Gills & Pumpkins :3

Hi Jammers! Please enter my contest here. Today's new items are.....

a pair of Salamander Gills, 

and a Surprised Jack-o-Lantern! 

The gills are actually a pretty neat idea! Good job, AJ! And, oh, we all love the Jack-o-Lanterns, don't we? ^.^ 

I also missed another item yesterday, the Pumpkin Mask! 

Is it made out of real pumpkin, or wood? It looks like wood to me. 

Anyway, you can now add cheetah to the end of your new animal names!

Besides that, there's not much to talk about today. 

I guess I could pull up another video.

Yeah. I'm using my voice again. Remember, I don't sound EXACTLY like that. It's just the recorder. 

Oh! Last thing. Avalanche25000 is having mailtime, so if you'd like, please send him gifts! 

Okay, that's all for today. Have a jamtastic Saturday! 

(P.S. Any offers for a Beta bubblegum machine?)


  1. What about a pink shark fin for a beta bubblegum machine?

    1. Hmm.........


      No thanks! But that took a bit of time up to think about it, so it must have been a decent offer!

  2. I have a globe, would you accept it for your Bubblegum Machine? :)

  3. Nafaria, how rare ARE the Shark Fins, exactly? O.o

    1. @Peaceout

      Maybe you could add a little?


      They're worth a little less than a Rare Bow and Arrow.

  4. Sure, I probably can! Gotta check my inventory first though XD ^.^

  5. I'm having a giveaway too! If anyone could be so kind and send gifts to joro98? And hey Nafaria what is a Rare Mummy Mask worth??!!?


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