Saturday, October 5, 2013


SERIOUSLY! I'm so SICK of all of these glitches. I could name several going on right now.....

  • Servers having all the same names
  • None of your buddies are on
  • Everyone says nothing and does no action, then after a few minutes they all move and say stuff
  • You can't visit any dens including yours
  • You can't follow your buddies
What happened, AJHQ? Oh, and by the way, that animal-clothing glitch is STILL going on. Has AJ done anything? Just angrily asking.

I'm SUPER ANGRY because my account won't load and I have the worst "safe searching" browser. 

Who agrees?


  1. I agree. AJ is just TOO crowed today! another glitch is that u can't go anywhere. why does everyone have to be on at the same time! well today i got to see turbo it's good. - bored and frustrated cyacheer

  2. yay! AJ finally loaded!-cyacheer

  3. There is a glitch where the only two world options are Aldan and Chimbu on my screen.
    Is it like that with you? O.o

  4. Someone will have to notify AJHQ eventually... I hope? :3

  5. It is getting SO out of hand. It's not even funny. Some glitches are fun, but most of the fun ones have been taken away.. gee aj, what happened !?

  6. Yeah i'm SUPER ANNOYED too! >:O
    Btw i am on AJ if u want to see me!


  7. :O!! That's why I couldn't log on today for more than 2 minutes!!!!!! I was like >:O and I kept trying to log on and it also said all the servers we're full even when there was one dot! SO ANNOYING!!!

  8. Ooh, the world glitch has been fixed. I am relieved.
    And Jammers are actually talking...and moving...and over all not freezing up like ice cubes!
    Hurrah! :3

  9. o.O it did not happened to me I was playing animal jam on the ipad - snow1334111

    1. You can play Animal Jam on the IPad? I thought you need Adobe Flash!

  10. >.< That happened to me, too! It's so annoying that I can't catch up on what Jammers are doing!



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